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Apr 5th by Mike Reich

Our Latest Project:

Our latest project has been designing and building a new website for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), powered by Drupal. The goal of the project is ambitious yet simple: redefine the FCC's web presence, and more importantly, to provide an example to the public of what an excellent .gov experience can be.

A year ago, the FCC began a process to gather feedback from the public on its website, originally built in the 1990s, to understand how people would like the FCC's web presence to look and operate. At the same time, the FCC worked internally to identify improvements to the agency's web publishing workflow that would allow it to be more responsive and take advantage of emerging technologies and internet trends.

Working as a subcontractor to Metrostar Systems, we were the core development team responsible for the architecture and implementation of the new Drupal powered website. You can check out more specifics about the project at our case study.

Overall, the press response has been great, here are a few of our favorite quotes about the new website.

"The FCC is leading by example with its beta release of the website on Monday. In this latest version of the site, the FCC has worked hard to follow Web 2.0 principles, most notably building the entire website on top of RESTful APIs." Programmable Web

"It puts on the road to becoming one of the best government communications sites—anywhere." Ars Technica

"Today, the bar has been raised for federal government website reboots with the relaunch of the new, now available in beta at” Alex Howard / O'Reilly

"The Federal Communications Commission is seeking to, well, communicate better. The agency got a fancy new website Tuesday, with features that designers say will improve public feedback." National Journal